Monday, April 25, 2011

“Quick! Someone DE the Tank!”: So What *Would* Your Toon Disenchant Into?

Orvillius is a human paladin, tanking for Eff the Ineffable on Azuremyst. Recently he cut off his gorgeous Willie Nelson braids, and is worried that raid bosses just don’t find him threatening anymore.

Nymphy is a human mage also raiding for Eff the Ineffable on Azuremyst.  And while she could care less about how much the raid bosses find her threatening, she does often worry about how sexy their floors are. 

A few weekends ago the Effers decided to go on an afternoon stroll through the Sunwell Plateau. Calling in reinforcements after a wipe on overly aggressive trash pulls we started rolling through the place. When we reached the “gauntlet” ramp and picked up the pace, jokes started flying about how tough it would have been “at level” and during a laughably easy accidental double-pull I called out “Quick DI the tank so I can rez!”  Only I didn’t. I called out for someone to D/E the tank, quickly spawning a catchphrase for the evening (and a quirky title for Nymphy and I’s new blog).  Since then we’ve been asking Effers, friends, and anyone we can get to stand still long enough, what THEY would disenchant into, hoping to get a few humorous stories out of it.  So enjoy the lulz below!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Playing Warcraft as a Couple: Doing it Right vs. Doing it Wrong.

Orvillius is a protection paladin who tanks for the wonderful Eff the Ineffable on Azuremyst. He enjoys long walks through monster infested dungeons, getting hit in the face by bosses, and DPS who don’t make his life any harder. After months of constantly harassing various bloggers on twitter and in their comments boxes he has finally cracked and started his own blog along with Nymphy.

Nymphy could do without the long walks in the monster infested dungeons as she is a squishy arcane mage also with Eff the Ineffable. Yes, “another Effing mage.” She’d much prefer spending her time whoring herself out to get as many useless achievement points as possible, although a sad amount of them are obtainable in said dungeons which makes her very thankful for the healers who have resurrection abilities as she is notorious for getting lost on the journey to her body. Although it really isn’t her fault, she has a love affair with the floor. Is also quite fond of pets, titles, and the kittens that disenchant to warm fuzzies.

Orv and I live 500 miles apart. We didn’t meet through WoW but we knew from the beginning that it was an interest we shared, and playing WoW together is often the most solid block of quality time we get. Naturally our mushy sides get away with each other when tempted by the emote system, prompting groans from our fellow raiders, along with suggestions to get a room. After all there are *plenty* of inns in Azeroth.
Playing WoW together can add a new dimension for those of us whose relationships are stuck in long distance mode. Being able to spend time together in raids and quests, or even just chatting over Vent gives couples so many things to do *together* while you can’t be together... and the $15.00 a month subscription fee is a lot cheaper than a phone bill with long distance charges on it! And let’s face it, just seeing our toons together on the screen eases some of the pain of not actually being together.