Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Which We Kill Internet Dragons. For Purples. Day 4 ~ A picture of your night.

We were going to write more about Nymphy passionately throwing herself at the floor, but this week she was alive at the end of each boss kill. Including the two new kills; Ascendant Council and Council of the 4 Winds, bringing Eff the Ineffable to 9/12.  I yelled at the healers, making sure they understand that every week she stays alive we lose another reader, but they seem to think we need all the dps alive to kill progression bosses, those wilting lilies. Since that plan fell through we are forced to continue with our 30 Day Photo Challenge, stolen from your Facebook page (yes, yours!) and all WoW-ified for your reading pleasure.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Screenshot Is Worth A Thousand Words: Day Two ~ A picture of the person you've been closest to the longest.

Rather than do a formal post about who we are and why we think that you should read yet another WoW-oriented blog, Orv and I have decided to take a month and introduce ourselves in a different way. Directly stolen from Faceyspace, we have decided to take a month to educate our readers about who we are through screenshots. This is part two of a thirty day series.

Orv and I have met and loved a lot of people throughout the course of our 85 levels. Some of them have stayed with us, and the others have gone their separate ways. So to pick the one person in both of our lives that we have been closest to the longest is, well, hard. But, we think that you will enjoy our choices.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Challenge In Which You Find Out More About Us!

It occurred to us that you, the readers,might be wondering exactly who we are. In the course of a month we shall endeavor to educate you through screenshots and explanations of said screenshots. All of you on Faceyspace will recognize it as the 30 Day Photo Challenge. Rather than hop on board the 20 Days of WoW Challenge bandwagon, we decided to take the 30 day challenge and WoW-ify it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

...And the Drama It Causes: Orv Reacts to Nymphy’s Continued Indiscretions With the Floor.

     Orv is a sturdy Prot Pally with the freshly 7/12 Eff the Ineffable. While he loves seeing bosses topple like dominoes, he is starting to worry that Nymphy loves the floor more than she loves him. Nymphy’s continuing string of brief yet passionate affairs with various floors are starting to distract Orv from the srs bzns of getting punched in the face by bosses.

     That Nymphy’s a wonderful girl. She’s sweet, smart, and she makes the most delicious cake I ever tasted, trust me, it sure is not a lie! Not to mention her portals, you’d never forget a trip through one of them, let me tell you.  She’s a clothy so she isn’t rolling against me for gear, and she appreciates my plate covered self between her and whatever horrible monster we’re killing... but I find myself a little worried. Ok maybe more than a little.

     Things were great at first. We ran through all kinds of dungeons together and had a blast. Even after we started raiding together everything was great.. it meant even more time together, but lately she seems distant. When I glance over at her during a raid, you know just to keep an eye on her HP bar, make sure she doesn’t need a Word of Glory whispered her way, I keep catching her staring at the floor.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nymphy's Love Affair With the Floor...

     Nymphy is a squishy arcane mage with Eff the Ineffable. And she regretfully cannot keep it in her proverbial, uh, robes. Nothing seems to stop her shameless affair with the floor of the bosses she encounters. She fears that her relationship with the extremely understanding Orv is in trouble if her affairs continue.

     Nymphy had a problem. She had experienced this problem since back in the day when she was just a baby mage. Mages are predisposed to loving the floor just like all other cloth wearers. With Nymphy, the predisposition took a turn towards obsession. It became a running joke with close friends, provoking laughter every time her hit points dropped to zero and she dropped to the floor to await the healer’s rez. With her frequent dying, Nymphy noticed the Spirit Healer was incredibly attractive. Nymphy’s addiction reached the point  where she would die just to visit the Healer. She would become so distracted by that lovely lady that she would find herself lost on the way back to her body. Healers started telling Nymphy to please, just stay on the floor and wait for a rez.  Many deaths down the road, after much quality time with the floor waiting for the healer to resurrect her, Nymphy began to notice that the *floor* was extremely comforting and attractive itself! She hadn’t noticed before then, being too busy rushing to her rendezvous with the Spirit Healer, how very lovely the floor was.