Monday, January 11, 2016

Need help!

So I'm resurrecting this blog briefly to ask for help. I am asking for any donations no matter how small to help with an unexpected expense. I recently gained about 15lbs over the last few weeks due to a side effect of one of my meds I am taking to help prevent the frequency of migraines. As a result very little of my clothes fit as I have jumped up a size or two. Anything is appreciated! My PayPal address is I am willing to answer any questions candidly should anyone have any. Thank you so much in advance.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orvillius's Journal: Fall of the Lich King

   Aboard the Skyfire, as it flies to the south on a mission vital to kingdom of Stormwind’s future, Orv takes advantage of the down time to continue writing in his journal....

   I traveled through Alterac Valley, helping the Stormpike Guard, hoping to win further allies to travel to Northrend with me, but despite my best attempts those battles raged on. I journeyed through what had been Lordaeron, now called the Plaguelands. Along with a band of heroes I came across Tirion Fordring, living as a hermit. In return for his aid we tried to win his son free from the influence of the Scarlet Crusade. To my great shame I could not save the young man... to this day I suspect Tirion has not forgiven me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where Orv has composed a Pre-Raid Gear List

Orv is a protection paladin with Eff the Ineffable! He has been going crazy these past weeks preparing for MoP and has put together a pre-raid gear list for his fellow tankadins.

     I'm  totally pulling a noob moment here and can't figure out how to get my spreadsheet to insert itself into blogger all nice and pretty looking, so I'm going to give you guys the link to the google doc for my Mists of Pandaria Pre-Raid Gear List (For Tanks!). I included heroic dungeon gear, JP gear, VP gear (since you can earn VP without raiding), and crafted gear. I did not include crafted gear that requires raid obtained mats to craft. I did not include quest blues (because I am not as awesome as Vidyala).


Monday, September 17, 2012

Orvillius's Journal: Dreams of Lordaeron

   The leather bound journal has accompanied Orvillius since before the assault on Icecrown Citadel, but has seldom been written in. As troublesome dreams plague the paladin in the wake of Horde assault on Theramore, Orv begins to record his memoirs.

   Since the destruction of Theramore my sleep has been troubled. I’ve been dreaming of days long gone by, of the destruction of another city. Somehow the two feel similar, the feeling that everything we know is about to change again. Last night I dreamt of watching Arthas outside of Stratholme... Light was it only 12 years ago? I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday, but it feels like a lifetime ago. I was full of anger at Arthas. I wanted Uther to put the young prince in his place. We are Paladins, Champions of the Light. It is a sacred calling. It can be a heavy burden but it is our burden to carry. The citizens of Stratholme deserved our best, and Uther was our best. Could Uther have wielded the light to cleanse the plague before it claimed their lives? Could Uther and Arthas and all of us gathered there that day struck down Mal’Ganis before he could flee to Northrend? These bleak thoughts and the change I fear is coming make me feel weary. If change is coming, if we face dangers yet unseen, as we did after Stratholme, I know I the Light calls me to stand as a shield for the good people of the Alliance. I wish this burden would fall upon younger shoulders, but unlike Arthas, I know it is my burden to carry. I never wanted to be a hero, perhaps a strange thing for a paladin to say. The Light called me, I knew there could be no other path, but I never expected to lead me where I am today. In a way, Stratholme was where that path started.

   After Uther could see that I was troubled when he led us away from the city. I confessed that I had wanted to strike Arthas down, that I had wanted to see Uther strike him down. For the first time in my life my loyalties felt divided. Was I a paladin first or a citizen of Lordaeron? Did my duty to my Prince supersede my duty to the Light? I needed time to answer that question and so Uther sent me to Ironforge. I had hoped to find Muradin there, he had seemed so level-headed when I met him in Lordaeron, but he was gone to Northrend, investigating what we came to know as the Scourge, and would not be heard from again until we found him in the Storm Peaks, years down the road. So it came that I was far from home when Arthas returned as a Death Knight. I did not see him strike down his father. I sat safe and comfortable in Ironforge, sharing a drink with the fine dwarven paladins in the Mystic Ward or practicing my craft as an armorsmith. Word was slow to reach us there, and when it did I was far too late to help my homeland.

   I spent years with the dwarves before traveling to Stormwind. There was trouble in Elwynn Forest and Westfall with the Defias... trouble with the scourge in Duskwood, orcs in Redridge. Bolvar was doing his best to keep order in the kingdom, but Stormwind needed its king. I travelled to Theramore, following up on leads that the Defias in Westfall and the Stockades beneath Stormwind had dropped, but hit a dead end there. So I returned to Ironforge to work on my craft, occasionally helping out at with the fighting across Thandol Span, and throughout Arathi. Stromgarde had been staunch allies of Lordaeron once, and it pained me to see the kingdom in such a state. I felt like I was doing good work, but never as though I were a hero. Just one more small cog in the wheel.

   Lady Prestor was revealed as Onyxia and chased from Stormwind. King Varian returned. The Dark Portal was re-opened and I couldn’t have been less involved in any of it. I was happy where I was, trying to make a small difference day by day. News flowed back slowly over the next year... Illidan hunted down and killed. Kil’jaeden’s plan foiled, the Sunwell reignited. All good news, but nothing that convinced me to alter my simple life. Perhaps I am being too sentimental here, it is true that I was never fully content. I wanted something more... more meaningful, but I trusted the Light would guide my path. So I crafted armor, and I chased orcs and trolls around Arathi, and I tried to ignore the pain of a lost home.

   Then came the Scourge sweeping down from the North. The call went out for brave souls to travel to Northrend and prepare to face the Lich King and it was as though a fire was lit within me....

   The paladin closes his journal as a message arrives to tell him that Varian Wrynn is calling for adventurers for a special mission...something to do with the presence of the Skybreaker above Stormwind Harbor. He packs the journal back into his bags, trusting that he will find time to continue his story.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eff the Ineffable Wants YOU!

Eff the Ineffable is a casual 10 man raiding guild on Azuremyst. It's a pretty cool guild and has some awesome members. If that sounds like a guild you might like, read the rest of this post!

   In case you don't hang on every tweet Nymphy and I send out Eff the Ineffable is recruiting for MoP.  We have enough hybrid classes that we can accommodate pretty much anyone, but we are particularly looking for players who can tank or heal (or both!).

   EtI raids Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30 to 12:30 Eastern.  In Cata we had full clears of T11 Normal. We had some problems during T12 and ended only 6/7N.  We rallied from there and ended T13 2/8 Heroic. We would like to see some more heroic modes in MoP but full clear heroics has not been a priority of ours.  EtI was formed as a place for grown up types who are serious about raiding, but have busy schedules and can't commit to a heavier raiding schedule, because of that we have no minimum attendance requirement. We use a percent based rostering system where any week that we have more than ten sign ups for a given night the raider who has sat out the lowest percent of their sign ups will sit that week. We do main spec/ off spec rolls for loot.

Shamelessly stolen from Gnoble's original recruiting post on Murloc Parliament.

   What makes EtI so awesome, you ask? The Effers do! We have a fantastic group of people. The Effers are friendly, helpful, and all around the most fun group of gamers I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. So if you're looking for a mature, friendly, dedicated group to raid with in MoP send me an e-mail, tweet at me, hop onto Azuremyst and shoot us a whisper

I bet your old guild didn't have a recruiting tentacle.