Friday, February 17, 2012

One Picture is Awesome, but Six is Better! In Where We Get Tagged for the 6's Internet Meme

Nymphy is an arcane mage who also happens to be the newly procced GM of Eff the Ineffable. She feels like she has finally “arrived” on the Internet because this is the first meme she has been tagged for.

Orv is a protection pally who is helping Nymphy with her turn as Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof- err GM of Eff the Ineffable. He’s glad that Nymphy stepped up to take the reins of EtI because she’s much nicer than he is, and no one will suspect her...

The Deal:
Apparently Gnomeaggedon has decided that he really wants to know what is hidden in our picture files. Not just the top no he wants the deep, dark, and hidden ones! So the lovely Fannon and our favorite (well, ONE of them anyway) guildie Grimmtooth has tagged us for this meme. Didn’t anyone tell you guys that curiosity can lead to things that cannot be unseen? Oh well, here goes.

The Rules:
They are fairly simple. You go into your Pictures file.
Count to the Sixth sub folder.
Open it.
And whatever the Sixth picture is you post it. Along with a few words so we aren’t all cocking our heads to the side and going wtf? As if being a blogger you won’t say anything anyway ;)
But wait! There is more!
You are to then tag Six MORE people to do this. We guess the idea is to unearth ALL the pictures.

So there you have it. BUT there is a problem with these rules. WAY TOO SIMPLE. Since when did we do things the simple way? So since we love the number six, and there are two of us that write this particular blog, we are going to dig and come up with Six pictures. Three from each of us.

So let us get started shall we? Upon opening said Picture file, Orv had none except sample pics so he is going to go dig in his #Tankling file instead. And Nymphy has found a baby picture herself :D

Well, this is embarrassing. For all that Nymphy loves WoW babies, she realized she has neglected to share her own. This is a picture of her youngest daughter Makayla. It was taken when she was just 7 mos old. Makayla is now 2 years old.

 This is one of my favorite pictures of Tankling and her new favorite doll. I think it's important that she learns to bring a pocket healer with her, and clearly that doll is wearing white cloth armor. Yup, definitely a tank/healer combo there.

So that is the first two pics. BABIES!!! :D

The next set of pictures actually comes from our WoW Screenshot folder.

Hahaha this pic will make an appearance in a future blog post. It is a screenshot of Nymphy’s UI capturing part of a hilarious guild conversation. Coming Soon to a “Shit My Guild Says” post near you. this blog.

This was one of the first screen shots Orv took when he came back to playing WoW during Wrath. He had just earned his first few epics and was excited to show them off.

The last set of pictures come from our blog writing folder, where we keep the shots used for this blog.

Aww! It is Fannon’s #Dwarfling. This shot was sent for the very first #EpicBabyPost. You guys should bug him to send use pictures so you guys can see this adorable baby again!

Well can’t say this is surprising huh? The ability to find any pics in the blog screen shot folder that don’t feature Nymphy on the floor would probably have been more of a shock.

So that is OUR take on this meme. Now comes the fun part. Now we get to dig into the following people’s pic folders:

Rades from Orcish Army Knife - Maybe we will end up with a sexy Fabulor screen.

Oestrus from The Stories of O - Can’t wait to see what this classy lady has in her folders.

Aldous from Boozekin - Ooh! Drunken pics!

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon - Spoon pics! <crosses fingers>

Ceraphus from Variant Avatar - Maybe we will get #Knightling pics?

Cynwise from too many blogs to mention . - This should be an interesting pic from him...PvP mixed with mogging anyone? P.S. Cyn, if you’ve done it once or twice already, just go ahead and do it again in another blog.

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