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Orv's Motivations.

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I've had a couple interesting chats in guild lately with @lillipodes and @rosaamarilla about RP and character motivation. Then I forced @snack_road to listen to my ramblings. Then I wedged my way into a twitter conversation with still more folks about Orv's motivations as a character and what I think he would like to do in the future. 

We can't afford to take care of Westfall, but this statue was a necessity.

"You don't look even a little bit familiar, Orv."
   Orv has never been a strong Varian loyalist. He had some serious problems with the way the Defias issue was handled, and while Varian can't take all the blame for that, Orv thinks he has failed to address a whole host of internal issues in his kingdom (while building a giant god damn statue to his vanity). Orv also has some problems with Tirion Fordring, though those are of a more personal nature. He feels that Tirion snubbed him the first time he visited the man after he set himself up in Hearthglenn. After all Orv is an Argent Champion and was with Tirion to bring down the Lich King, and Tirion acted like he didn't know who Orv was.  (Note: What's his name in Westfall is able to recognize that Orv completed a quest for him back in the day. Clearly Blizzard has the technology to have NPC's recognize characters as having done certain quests, I would assume that this could easily be adapted to have Tirion recognize someone with the Kingslayer achievement). On top of that Orv is disturbed that Tirion has failed to consolidate his power and failed to provide meaningful assistance to the Alliance as the Forsaken attacked Andorhal RIGHT ON HIS DOORSTEP. Seriously, there are Val'kyr raising undead right down the road from his city and there he is continuing his stance of neutrality. While that may be a practical matter to avoid the fate of Southshore Orv is convinced that Tirion basically has his head up his ass.

This leaves Orv in an awkward position. He does not want to place himself squarely under Varian's authority as he doesn't trust the man's integrity. He does not want to place himself under Tirion's authority because really... forget that guy.  Orv thinks this puts him among a solid number of Paladins who lack direction, and not being the sort so sit around and ignore a problem, he has come up with a solution.  Orv wants to name himself Highlord of the Silver Hand and rally human and dwarven paladins who do not closely associate themselves with the Church in Stormwind, or with the Argent Crusade in Hearthglenn.  Orv spent all of Vanilla and BC living in Ironforge and feels that he would have a lot of support from dwarven paladins in particular.
"I am so much more awesome than Varian Wrynn."

   Once Orv has established a solid core of paladins around him he has a solid plan of action to give them a purpose. Part one of his plan (inspired by Rades's post) involves dragging Danath Trollbane out of Hellfire Peninsula and assisting the man (and whatever intensely battle hardened troops followed him) in reclaiming Stromgarde. This is an excellent strategic move as it establishes a clear line of support from Ironforge up to the Hinterlands, allowing for uninterrupted supply lines to the Wildhammer Stronghold in Aerie Peaks and from there up to Hearthglenn.

With Stromgarde re-established and the dwarves obviously greatful for Danath and Orv's assistance in shoring up their own defenses, Orv would next seek Genn Greymane's assistance in lobbying Varian to launch an assault to retake Gilneas. A naval assault from Stormwind accompanied by a ground campaign launched from Stromgarde would hopefully allow the Gilneans to reclaim their country.

At this point Tirion needs to be brought into the fold. A "come to the Light" talk with the paladin by all of the important human and dwarven leaders explaining that if the Argent Crusade wants to be viewed as something other than a horde-loving threat to humanity, that Tirion needs to remember his loyalty to the crown of Lordaeron and join forces with Stormwind, Gilneas, Stromgarde, and Ironforge to lead a force upon the Undercity.  With enemies on all sides and Garrosh's already uncertain view of her loyalty, the Banshee Queen might well find herself alone before the might of the Alliance. The Forsaken have never seemed especially close to the Blood Elves, despite Sylvanas having once been one of their own. After having the Scourge rampage through their lands, Orv believes that the Blood Elves could be convinced that the welcoming arms of the Alliance are a far better option than helping Sylvanas and the dead.

For the humans it is a play on loyalty. Loyalty to Gilneas. To Stromgarde. To Lordaeron. For the paladins (human and dwarven alike) it is about finding an identity... returning to their roots. For the dwarves and blood elves it is about mutual gain. And at the end of the day the Alliance will have near absolute control of the Eastern Kingdoms, and the ability to marshal its forces and build its strength to stand against anything the Horde might throw against it.

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  1. Nice post.

    My old Paladin would've been all up for this, and he woudl throw in behind the effort 100%. My current paladin, not so much... she was broken by the Northrend campaign, returned with PTSD, was assigned a desk job and is trying to figure out what to do with her life.

    Anyway - I agree, Tirion's neutral position drives me nuts. And while I love the Forsaken when I play the Horde, as primarily an Alliance player, I want to retake Lordaeron something fierce.