Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orvillius's Journal: Fall of the Lich King

   Aboard the Skyfire, as it flies to the south on a mission vital to kingdom of Stormwind’s future, Orv takes advantage of the down time to continue writing in his journal....

   I traveled through Alterac Valley, helping the Stormpike Guard, hoping to win further allies to travel to Northrend with me, but despite my best attempts those battles raged on. I journeyed through what had been Lordaeron, now called the Plaguelands. Along with a band of heroes I came across Tirion Fordring, living as a hermit. In return for his aid we tried to win his son free from the influence of the Scarlet Crusade. To my great shame I could not save the young man... to this day I suspect Tirion has not forgiven me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where Orv has composed a Pre-Raid Gear List

Orv is a protection paladin with Eff the Ineffable! He has been going crazy these past weeks preparing for MoP and has put together a pre-raid gear list for his fellow tankadins.

     I'm  totally pulling a noob moment here and can't figure out how to get my spreadsheet to insert itself into blogger all nice and pretty looking, so I'm going to give you guys the link to the google doc for my Mists of Pandaria Pre-Raid Gear List (For Tanks!). I included heroic dungeon gear, JP gear, VP gear (since you can earn VP without raiding), and crafted gear. I did not include crafted gear that requires raid obtained mats to craft. I did not include quest blues (because I am not as awesome as Vidyala).


Monday, September 17, 2012

Orvillius's Journal: Dreams of Lordaeron

   The leather bound journal has accompanied Orvillius since before the assault on Icecrown Citadel, but has seldom been written in. As troublesome dreams plague the paladin in the wake of Horde assault on Theramore, Orv begins to record his memoirs.

   Since the destruction of Theramore my sleep has been troubled. I’ve been dreaming of days long gone by, of the destruction of another city. Somehow the two feel similar, the feeling that everything we know is about to change again. Last night I dreamt of watching Arthas outside of Stratholme... Light was it only 12 years ago? I remember it as clearly as if it were yesterday, but it feels like a lifetime ago. I was full of anger at Arthas. I wanted Uther to put the young prince in his place. We are Paladins, Champions of the Light. It is a sacred calling. It can be a heavy burden but it is our burden to carry. The citizens of Stratholme deserved our best, and Uther was our best. Could Uther have wielded the light to cleanse the plague before it claimed their lives? Could Uther and Arthas and all of us gathered there that day struck down Mal’Ganis before he could flee to Northrend? These bleak thoughts and the change I fear is coming make me feel weary. If change is coming, if we face dangers yet unseen, as we did after Stratholme, I know I the Light calls me to stand as a shield for the good people of the Alliance. I wish this burden would fall upon younger shoulders, but unlike Arthas, I know it is my burden to carry. I never wanted to be a hero, perhaps a strange thing for a paladin to say. The Light called me, I knew there could be no other path, but I never expected to lead me where I am today. In a way, Stratholme was where that path started.

   After Uther could see that I was troubled when he led us away from the city. I confessed that I had wanted to strike Arthas down, that I had wanted to see Uther strike him down. For the first time in my life my loyalties felt divided. Was I a paladin first or a citizen of Lordaeron? Did my duty to my Prince supersede my duty to the Light? I needed time to answer that question and so Uther sent me to Ironforge. I had hoped to find Muradin there, he had seemed so level-headed when I met him in Lordaeron, but he was gone to Northrend, investigating what we came to know as the Scourge, and would not be heard from again until we found him in the Storm Peaks, years down the road. So it came that I was far from home when Arthas returned as a Death Knight. I did not see him strike down his father. I sat safe and comfortable in Ironforge, sharing a drink with the fine dwarven paladins in the Mystic Ward or practicing my craft as an armorsmith. Word was slow to reach us there, and when it did I was far too late to help my homeland.

   I spent years with the dwarves before traveling to Stormwind. There was trouble in Elwynn Forest and Westfall with the Defias... trouble with the scourge in Duskwood, orcs in Redridge. Bolvar was doing his best to keep order in the kingdom, but Stormwind needed its king. I travelled to Theramore, following up on leads that the Defias in Westfall and the Stockades beneath Stormwind had dropped, but hit a dead end there. So I returned to Ironforge to work on my craft, occasionally helping out at with the fighting across Thandol Span, and throughout Arathi. Stromgarde had been staunch allies of Lordaeron once, and it pained me to see the kingdom in such a state. I felt like I was doing good work, but never as though I were a hero. Just one more small cog in the wheel.

   Lady Prestor was revealed as Onyxia and chased from Stormwind. King Varian returned. The Dark Portal was re-opened and I couldn’t have been less involved in any of it. I was happy where I was, trying to make a small difference day by day. News flowed back slowly over the next year... Illidan hunted down and killed. Kil’jaeden’s plan foiled, the Sunwell reignited. All good news, but nothing that convinced me to alter my simple life. Perhaps I am being too sentimental here, it is true that I was never fully content. I wanted something more... more meaningful, but I trusted the Light would guide my path. So I crafted armor, and I chased orcs and trolls around Arathi, and I tried to ignore the pain of a lost home.

   Then came the Scourge sweeping down from the North. The call went out for brave souls to travel to Northrend and prepare to face the Lich King and it was as though a fire was lit within me....

   The paladin closes his journal as a message arrives to tell him that Varian Wrynn is calling for adventurers for a special mission...something to do with the presence of the Skybreaker above Stormwind Harbor. He packs the journal back into his bags, trusting that he will find time to continue his story.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eff the Ineffable Wants YOU!

Eff the Ineffable is a casual 10 man raiding guild on Azuremyst. It's a pretty cool guild and has some awesome members. If that sounds like a guild you might like, read the rest of this post!

   In case you don't hang on every tweet Nymphy and I send out Eff the Ineffable is recruiting for MoP.  We have enough hybrid classes that we can accommodate pretty much anyone, but we are particularly looking for players who can tank or heal (or both!).

   EtI raids Friday and Saturday nights from 9:30 to 12:30 Eastern.  In Cata we had full clears of T11 Normal. We had some problems during T12 and ended only 6/7N.  We rallied from there and ended T13 2/8 Heroic. We would like to see some more heroic modes in MoP but full clear heroics has not been a priority of ours.  EtI was formed as a place for grown up types who are serious about raiding, but have busy schedules and can't commit to a heavier raiding schedule, because of that we have no minimum attendance requirement. We use a percent based rostering system where any week that we have more than ten sign ups for a given night the raider who has sat out the lowest percent of their sign ups will sit that week. We do main spec/ off spec rolls for loot.

Shamelessly stolen from Gnoble's original recruiting post on Murloc Parliament.

   What makes EtI so awesome, you ask? The Effers do! We have a fantastic group of people. The Effers are friendly, helpful, and all around the most fun group of gamers I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with. So if you're looking for a mature, friendly, dedicated group to raid with in MoP send me an e-mail, tweet at me, hop onto Azuremyst and shoot us a whisper

I bet your old guild didn't have a recruiting tentacle.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arcane Mage Guide for Patch 5.0.4

Nymphy is an arcane mage who logged into the post 5.0.4 patch World of Warcraft and noticed two very huge things. 1.) Her UI wasn't as broken as she feared! Yay for quick addon updates, she salutes the addon writers for being super prepared! 2.) Uhhh, her spec however, WAS broken, and broken beyond repair.

(Important Note for the Reading Impaired: Arcane mana regen has totally been fixed. For an actual Arcane mage guide please see the link at the bottom of the post.)

So! Here is my super handy guide for surviving as an arcane mage until Mists of Pandaria is released in a month.

1.) Run to the target dummies or perhaps even a heroic dungeon to test out new rotation.

2.) Immediately commence QQ because OMG MANA?! WHERE DID IT GO?!!!

3.) Realize that you don't get your major mana regeneration talent until level 90.

4.) Respec into Frost as right now there is simply no way you can sustain an arcane rotation on the fixed mana pool without mana regen.

5.) REFORGE ALL THE THINGS! Then QQ when you realize that you have to reforge ALL that lovely, sexy mastery into...<sigh> haste.
       5a.) Then REGEM ALL THE THINGS! (Not really ALL the things, just like 4 gems for me)

6.) Go searching for a Frost guide to help you figure out what the hell to do. Find one and slowly figure out a rotation.

7.) Organize your casting bars so they seem to look like they make sense.

8.) Grab a group of your guildies and convince them to accompany you to a Hour of Twilight heroic and eye your Water Elemental suspiciously. (PET BAR?! Uhh, I guess I put him on assist and leave it right?)

9.) Realize with a sinking heart that you can't go back to arcane until level 90 and you might as well get used to playing another spec that you do, hey, actually halfway decent DPS on surprisingly!

10.) Still countdown the month until you can respec Arcane though!

Frost isn't that bad to be honest <gasp!> But Arcane is where my heart stays and lives and it is where I have found the most enjoyment in playing my mage. I look forward to the Day of Pandas when I can level and respec back into it, but for now I am enjoying playing around with something new.

So hopefully you didn't come here looking for a REAL arcane mage guide for the latest patch, because I am not a huge theorycrafter and you should go here instead. If you did, then I apologize. This "guide" was meant to be a humorous, QQ, mage thing instead of a real thing. Please go to the linked guide, they have super helpful information in an easy to read format. And if you want to L2FrostMage(Nub) then go read Jed's excellent post here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Patch 5.0.4 Protection Paladin Talents

Orv is a prot pally who, while avoiding doing too much questing in the beta, has been running dungeons the last few months so he can be ready when the new patch drops.

     Happy Patch Day!  This isn't intended to be a complete guide for playing a pally post patch 5.04, just an update to my previous talent guide. If you want a more comprehensive overview Rhidach has a much more in depth post up over here. If you're more the hard numbers type Theck has been breaking down our stat priorities the past few weeks.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Fond, Temporary Farewell

This is not the post I expected to be writing in the middle of the night, and certainly not the post that I wanted to ever write at all. But somehow, the guilt and the feeling that I am somehow letting people down, or upsetting them has to be overcome for the sake of mental health. This is not a humorous post, so if you have come here to find something funny, I am sorry to disappoint. This is #RealTalk and something excruciatingly hard and difficult to discuss.

Hi, my name is Nymphy and I suffer from severe social anxiety, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. No one, except maybe Orv and a few other people that I am miraculously close to, has experienced what is inside my head on a daily basis. It is an effort to be funny and personable and outgoing on various social media platforms on a day to day basis. It wasn't all caused by today, but today was the breaking point. I am not blaming anyone either, but due to the pressures of being happy all the time combined with real life drama, stresses, and all around wear and tear on my emotional stability and I thisclose to having a nervous breakdown. The stress is a killer and for the sake of my own health, and #Lockling's, I am stepping away from all social interactions for the forseeable future. So I am putting down Twitter, Facebook, and WoW, walking away, and taking a break. I may pop into WoW for only 2 hours for the next couple Sunday's to help BBB finish helping his Cub get his 25 man ICC meta-achievements done for the drake just because I have already made that commitment, otherwise I am going to be silent. This blog will still continue to be written, if only by Orv for awhile, he will also be assuming the mantle of GM for Eff the Ineffable until I return.

To all the lovely nice people on Twitter, thank you for being who you are. I know all the people I talk to may not be friendly with each other, but each and every one of you has been a shining point and a source of smiles to me everyday. To say that I feel immeasureable guilt for doing something that I shouldn't even think twice about is awful and just a mark of how unstable I am at this point. If I thought I could bear it by simply talking to a person, I know that I could pick any one of you and you would be glad to listen and I appreciate that more than you could ever know.

As an ending, this post was not made for attention. I am not bemoaning anything or saying woe is me. Anyone who really knows me, knows this to be true. I am not an attention seeker. This is simply so Orv does not have the burden of answering/explaining my absence to those of you who may ask. This is so I can regain a more stable grasp on my mental health and standing so I can return to being the cheerful, lovable person you know me to be.

*Hugs & <3*

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Damage Control

   There inevitably comes a time, as GM or any other leadership positions, when you encounter a situation where you have to take charge and make sure it is resolved. As GM, the actions of your guildies reflect on you, and the culture you’re trying to build. Last night one of my guildies was rude and abrasive to another blogger when whispered.

   When this situation was brought to my attention, I talked to the guildie in question, and she then apologized, on Twitter and I thought it was done and over. It looked like a misunderstanding that had been cleared up. When I woke up this morning, contrary to my impressions, the situation from last night was not resolved and had exploded. The great thing about the Twitter and subsequent blogger community is the solidarity. We are quick to band together when someone upsets one of our friends. Today I had an upset blogger who wrote of her experience with the member of my guild, and another who was outright livid and made no bones about it. The subsequent tweets and comments about both posts made my heart sink as I read them.

   So here I am with big girl panties on (more uncomfortable than pants let me tell you), doing damage control. I had a discussion with the guildie that very clearly conveyed my unhappiness. Eff the Ineffable is a guild that was built largely through the WoW community on twitter. I hope that everyone in the wonderful twitter/blogger community knows that if they ever have a problem with anyone in the guild they can come to Orv or myself and we will take the situation seriously. I believe that Eff the Ineffable is, and will remain a friendly guild where people know how to treat each other.

   As an aside, a thing that happened today is that Blizzard announced a security breach. So yeah, go change your password to something you will never remember the very next time you log on. :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gamer Grrls and Guys: Long Distance to Living Together

   Nymphy is the GM of Eff the Ineffable and regrets the sheer neglect of this blog, especially after the brand new header was installed by the lovely Liala, over at Disciplinary Action. Hopefully this revival in the sheer lack of topics in this in between expansions time, will breathe new life into it. 

   Orv is the emergency back up substitute co-GM of Eff the Ineffable. He heard Nymphy was writing about moving in together and wanted to make sure she didn’t blurt all of his embarrassing habits out to all the readers... then had to put his two cents in.

   *Dusts off the blog, sneezes a couple times* Wow, deserted much? But to be honest, while we are majorly behind on a lot of projects, there really isn’t much WoW material to be had. Yes, Eff the Ineffable is proud to have cleared 2/8 heroic Dragon Soul and knocked out about half the steps for the meta achievements as well. But real life has a way of interfering and that is exactly what happened with us. The biggest news of course is that Nymphy is expecting a baby at the end of November. For those keeping time by when Mists of Pandaria is released, she is due approximately two months into the expansion. The fine people of Twitter have dubbed the baby “Lockling” as it was conceived by a mage (blue) and a pally (pink) whose class colors combine to make purple(ish). Such logic can’t be refuted.

   In other exciting news, Orv and Nymphy are finally moved in together after 18 long months of living in different states, which brings up the core of this post; what happens when two geeks who have been in a long distance relationship finally move in together? Whose nerd swag gets to go on the prominent shelves? How do you behave around each other? Well ladies and gentleman, this is the post for you. The answer to all the questions, including the most important one.... “Where does the cereal go?”

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Which D/E the Tank! Celebrates its First Blogoversary!

   First we would like to first thank our readers. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun. It is hard to believe that we have been around a year. Well, to be technical we realize that we are a week late, however cast your eyes to the top. See that? Yes! It is our new header! Courtesy of the lovely Liala over at Disciplinary Action we have a nice new shiny! We thought it would be apropos to save our big first year post to also commemorate a new header as well!

   But Nymphy, you promised us babies! I do want to apologize for the severe lateness in two of our Epic Baby Posts. I also promise that we will put them together as soon as possible if not this weekend. Real life has eaten my time and Orv’s as well. We have not forgotten and you shall get your dose of squee here soon!

   This past year has been an amazing experience, both in doing the baby posts and others. The whole blogging, WoW, and Twitter community has been so supportive in helping us turn a maybe thing into a very fun and real thing! Looking back over the year that we have been writing this blog we are very humbled by the people who read and enjoy it. So to all of our readers, commenters, twitter followers, friends, romans, countrymen, thank you for joining us time and time again as we try to make you laugh, make you think, make you a better tank (whether of mobs or the floor), or make you squee at adorable babies. (We promise the rest of the baby posts are coming!) We will also try to up the posting rate. Twice a month, if that, is terrible and we are sorry! We do hope you will continue to follow our antics as we go into Mists bubble sheeping through WoW. And pets! And maybe more babies! ;) Definitely more floor tanking! And perhaps another boring tank guide from Orv.

(In case you're reading this in a feed reader, here is Liala's awesome logo!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bosses of Firelands As Depicted Through Seven Words

Nymphy is the arcane mage GM of Eff the Ineffable. She heard from a guildie that the esteemed Big Bear Butt was hosting a writing challenge. You could write whatever you wanted as long as you included 7 certain words. These words made it a challenge not to go completely perverted and she thinks she mostly succeeded

Required Words: Juicy, Slender, Vain, Shaft, Torch, Star, and Hidden

(As an aside, it was REALLY hard not to go completely perverted with these >.>)

My thought processes on this was that there were 7 mandatory words to be used. There were also 7 bosses in the tier 12 raid Firelands. I then creatively applied one word to each of the bosses.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bullying: Why My Online Personality Isn't My Real One

You may know Nymphy from her occasionally witty and funny posts here on this blog as well as being the newly procced GM of Eff the Ineffable. You may also know that she loves babies and sometimes writes posts about them. You may know her as the flirty and fun arcane mage that loves achievements and old school raiding. And you may know her from her flagrant affair with the floor and the Spirit Healer. Yet behind the awesomely mogged pixels on the screen, Nymphy is played by a person and that person is me.

Warning: may cause triggers and involves mentions of childhood bullying, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Epic Baby Post: the Dwarfling Edition

Nymphy is an arcane mage from the US-server Azuremyst. She is a well liked toon by people across other servers and time zones. She was recently felled not by an ordinary raid boss, but instead by a little 5-baby instance group with the buffs of Squee and Cute on their side.
Complete with her 4pc Tier Cute Bonus!

This time we come to say Happy Birthday to little Dwarfling. Teagan was just 5 months old when we saw her first. In just 7 short months she has gone from barely crawling to fully walking and even climbing up and down stairs. As well as giving her daddy Fannon a few heart attacks in between! It was not so long ago when he was proudly posting pictures of her like this:

Hmm... Prayer of Cuteness uptime is 100%, right where it should be
To posting pictures of her like this:

Fish give +90 Int/Cute when I'm well fed.
Teagan Lily is now her own girl with her daddy (and the rest of us!) around her little finger. Among fist bumping and high-fiving she also likes:

Favorite Foods: Bananas, strawberries, Cheddar Cheese and Fruit Yogurt.

Favorite Toys: She has two: A barnyard matching game that sings and plays music that she loves dancing to, and a miniature Bacardi rum bottle that she loves holding. Daddy is getting the feeling she's going to be a party girl. She also really enjoys banging tunelessly on piano keys.

(Re: the rum bottle Nymphy says: Oh my! Better watch out for that girl ;) )

Favourite TV Show: None, she isn't really interested in TV yet. But she does like it any time there is a show or commercial with a theme song. The So You Think You Can Dance theme song is probably her favourite; she always dances along with it.

Favourite Activity: Dancing. She dances pretty much any time a commercial comes on the TV with music to it. She dances to her musical toys, the radio or Daddy's singing. It's the most adorable thing he's ever seen.

As well as melting her daddy’s heart over and over by excitedly walking to him and squeezing his knees, thereby making her annoyance proof.

As always, this is one of my most favorite posts to write. Just because I get my dose of cute in it :) For the baby that started it all, Happy First Birthday Dwarfling! And thank you Fannon, for letting me borrow her these past few times.

And if you missed the first birthday post go here and wish #Sapling Happy Birthday as well as see extra pics that I threw in there because more pictures equal more cute equals more squee! :)


Look at me now! I am going to get into SO MUCH TROUBLE!
You can’t possibly deny me with this face!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Epic Baby Post: the Sapling Edition

Nymphy is an arcane mage from the US-server Azuremyst. She is a well liked toon by people across other servers and time zones. She was recently felled not by an ordinary raid boss, but instead by a little 5-baby instance group with the buffs of Squee and Cute on their side. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

One Picture is Awesome, but Six is Better! In Where We Get Tagged for the 6's Internet Meme

Nymphy is an arcane mage who also happens to be the newly procced GM of Eff the Ineffable. She feels like she has finally “arrived” on the Internet because this is the first meme she has been tagged for.

Orv is a protection pally who is helping Nymphy with her turn as Defense Against the Dark Arts Prof- err GM of Eff the Ineffable. He’s glad that Nymphy stepped up to take the reins of EtI because she’s much nicer than he is, and no one will suspect her...

The Deal:
Apparently Gnomeaggedon has decided that he really wants to know what is hidden in our picture files. Not just the top pictures....no no he wants the deep, dark, and hidden ones! So the lovely Fannon and our favorite (well, ONE of them anyway) guildie Grimmtooth has tagged us for this meme. Didn’t anyone tell you guys that curiosity can lead to things that cannot be unseen? Oh well, here goes.

The Rules:
They are fairly simple. You go into your Pictures file.
Count to the Sixth sub folder.
Open it.
And whatever the Sixth picture is you post it. Along with a few words so we aren’t all cocking our heads to the side and going wtf? As if being a blogger you won’t say anything anyway ;)
But wait! There is more!
You are to then tag Six MORE people to do this. We guess the idea is to unearth ALL the pictures.

So there you have it. BUT there is a problem with these rules. WAY TOO SIMPLE. Since when did we do things the simple way? So since we love the number six, and there are two of us that write this particular blog, we are going to dig and come up with Six pictures. Three from each of us.

So let us get started shall we? Upon opening said Picture file, Orv had none except sample pics so he is going to go dig in his #Tankling file instead. And Nymphy has found a baby picture herself :D

Well, this is embarrassing. For all that Nymphy loves WoW babies, she realized she has neglected to share her own. This is a picture of her youngest daughter Makayla. It was taken when she was just 7 mos old. Makayla is now 2 years old.

 This is one of my favorite pictures of Tankling and her new favorite doll. I think it's important that she learns to bring a pocket healer with her, and clearly that doll is wearing white cloth armor. Yup, definitely a tank/healer combo there.

So that is the first two pics. BABIES!!! :D

The next set of pictures actually comes from our WoW Screenshot folder.

Hahaha this pic will make an appearance in a future blog post. It is a screenshot of Nymphy’s UI capturing part of a hilarious guild conversation. Coming Soon to a “Shit My Guild Says” post near you. Or...in this blog.

This was one of the first screen shots Orv took when he came back to playing WoW during Wrath. He had just earned his first few epics and was excited to show them off.

The last set of pictures come from our blog writing folder, where we keep the shots used for this blog.

Aww! It is Fannon’s #Dwarfling. This shot was sent for the very first #EpicBabyPost. You guys should bug him to send use pictures so you guys can see this adorable baby again!

Well can’t say this is surprising huh? The ability to find any pics in the blog screen shot folder that don’t feature Nymphy on the floor would probably have been more of a shock.

So that is OUR take on this meme. Now comes the fun part. Now we get to dig into the following people’s pic folders:

Rades from Orcish Army Knife - Maybe we will end up with a sexy Fabulor screen.

Oestrus from The Stories of O - Can’t wait to see what this classy lady has in her folders.

Aldous from Boozekin - Ooh! Drunken pics!

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon - Spoon pics! <crosses fingers>

Ceraphus from Variant Avatar - Maybe we will get #Knightling pics?

Cynwise from too many blogs to mention . - This should be an interesting pic from him...PvP mixed with mogging anyone? P.S. Cyn, if you’ve done it once or twice already, just go ahead and do it again in another blog.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Orv's Motivations.

Orv is a prot pally with the fantastic Eff the Ineffable on Azuremyst. EtI could really use another tank. So if you're a tank and you're reading this, and you aren't scared off shoot me an e-mail or stop by efftheineffable.com

I've had a couple interesting chats in guild lately with @lillipodes and @rosaamarilla about RP and character motivation. Then I forced @snack_road to listen to my ramblings. Then I wedged my way into a twitter conversation with still more folks about Orv's motivations as a character and what I think he would like to do in the future.