Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bosses of Firelands As Depicted Through Seven Words

Nymphy is the arcane mage GM of Eff the Ineffable. She heard from a guildie that the esteemed Big Bear Butt was hosting a writing challenge. You could write whatever you wanted as long as you included 7 certain words. These words made it a challenge not to go completely perverted and she thinks she mostly succeeded

Required Words: Juicy, Slender, Vain, Shaft, Torch, Star, and Hidden

(As an aside, it was REALLY hard not to go completely perverted with these >.>)

My thought processes on this was that there were 7 mandatory words to be used. There were also 7 bosses in the tier 12 raid Firelands. I then creatively applied one word to each of the bosses.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bullying: Why My Online Personality Isn't My Real One

You may know Nymphy from her occasionally witty and funny posts here on this blog as well as being the newly procced GM of Eff the Ineffable. You may also know that she loves babies and sometimes writes posts about them. You may know her as the flirty and fun arcane mage that loves achievements and old school raiding. And you may know her from her flagrant affair with the floor and the Spirit Healer. Yet behind the awesomely mogged pixels on the screen, Nymphy is played by a person and that person is me.

Warning: may cause triggers and involves mentions of childhood bullying, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, depression, and anxiety.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Epic Baby Post: the Dwarfling Edition

Nymphy is an arcane mage from the US-server Azuremyst. She is a well liked toon by people across other servers and time zones. She was recently felled not by an ordinary raid boss, but instead by a little 5-baby instance group with the buffs of Squee and Cute on their side.
Complete with her 4pc Tier Cute Bonus!

This time we come to say Happy Birthday to little Dwarfling. Teagan was just 5 months old when we saw her first. In just 7 short months she has gone from barely crawling to fully walking and even climbing up and down stairs. As well as giving her daddy Fannon a few heart attacks in between! It was not so long ago when he was proudly posting pictures of her like this:

Hmm... Prayer of Cuteness uptime is 100%, right where it should be
To posting pictures of her like this:

Fish give +90 Int/Cute when I'm well fed.
Teagan Lily is now her own girl with her daddy (and the rest of us!) around her little finger. Among fist bumping and high-fiving she also likes:

Favorite Foods: Bananas, strawberries, Cheddar Cheese and Fruit Yogurt.

Favorite Toys: She has two: A barnyard matching game that sings and plays music that she loves dancing to, and a miniature Bacardi rum bottle that she loves holding. Daddy is getting the feeling she's going to be a party girl. She also really enjoys banging tunelessly on piano keys.

(Re: the rum bottle Nymphy says: Oh my! Better watch out for that girl ;) )

Favourite TV Show: None, she isn't really interested in TV yet. But she does like it any time there is a show or commercial with a theme song. The So You Think You Can Dance theme song is probably her favourite; she always dances along with it.

Favourite Activity: Dancing. She dances pretty much any time a commercial comes on the TV with music to it. She dances to her musical toys, the radio or Daddy's singing. It's the most adorable thing he's ever seen.

As well as melting her daddy’s heart over and over by excitedly walking to him and squeezing his knees, thereby making her annoyance proof.

As always, this is one of my most favorite posts to write. Just because I get my dose of cute in it :) For the baby that started it all, Happy First Birthday Dwarfling! And thank you Fannon, for letting me borrow her these past few times.

And if you missed the first birthday post go here and wish #Sapling Happy Birthday as well as see extra pics that I threw in there because more pictures equal more cute equals more squee! :)


Look at me now! I am going to get into SO MUCH TROUBLE!
You can’t possibly deny me with this face!