Saturday, June 25, 2011


I couldn't let go of her until the nurses
taunted her off of me.
At 6:05pm an adorable Tankling made her way into the world. She has really long fingers and quite a grip. I think this is an essential tanking trait. Hopefully it will assist in mouse turning so that she doesn't spend her life as a heathen keyboard turner like her father. She was 7lbs 8oz which is a good weight I think. I know Fanon's Dwarfling is adorable but I think my Tankling has a secret weapon. Little red curls. I am not showing them here because if I removed her little hat and revealed her curls it would actually be more cuteness than the blog could handle. It would literally explode.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adventures in Leveling: Why Won’t the Questgivers Get Off Their Lazy.....?

Ilona is a smiting discipline priestess who thinks she will have to run headlong into any mob she sees in order to be able to DO something.  With the quests these days it is a wonder she doesn’t just stand around and twiddle her thumbs as Galad, a huntard with a tanking pet with a health buff, hardly needs any healing at all. She feels as it is beneath her to be forced to heal under sub standard conditions. She merely yearns to return to the Temple of the Moon and away from this brash hunter that the Azeroth Heroes Full Employment Opportunity Act has forced her to associate with. She cries over the fact that all her beautiful Penance heals are wasted and her bubbles pop under the weight of her disappointment.

Galad is a dorf huntard.  He has a splendid orange beard and wears a very dashing eyepatch.  Along with the far too tall night elf priestess Ilona, he explores Azeroth looking for adventure and trouble in equal measures. Though between his bear Mangeclaw and his panther Nix he mostly relaxes in the back and drinks while his pets take care of any mobs that might be about. 

Click to embiggen and enjoy Galad and Ilona's witty banter!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Affair Continues With More Players Involved : Effing Link Love

When not busy being a prot paladin, Orv occasionally goes retribution spec to spread the holy pain around to internet dragons.  Sometimes he even remembers to put Inquisition up while he’s doing it.

While Nymphy has no alternate spec, she sometimes thinks that maybe she should try one out. I mean fire or something would have to keep her busier and less distracted than arcane does...right?

We have lied. The post that we originally promised you fell through. We are sometimes fail like that. Instead we thought that our readers might need an update about Nymphy’s affair with the floor. It is all about the satisfaction of the readers. After all, who really wants to decode your raid leader.