Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Affair Continues With More Players Involved : Effing Link Love

When not busy being a prot paladin, Orv occasionally goes retribution spec to spread the holy pain around to internet dragons.  Sometimes he even remembers to put Inquisition up while he’s doing it.

While Nymphy has no alternate spec, she sometimes thinks that maybe she should try one out. I mean fire or something would have to keep her busier and less distracted than arcane does...right?

We have lied. The post that we originally promised you fell through. We are sometimes fail like that. Instead we thought that our readers might need an update about Nymphy’s affair with the floor. It is all about the satisfaction of the readers. After all, who really wants to decode your raid leader.

 After our last round of floor loving drama Nymphy showed a lot of improvement. The Effers improved to 9/12 with Nymphy going whole nights without even glancing at the floor. She even lived through a few Chimichanga kills! But alas, (no not *that* Alas), just as Orv got his hopes up that things could be different, that Nymphy could change, last night happened. Orv had real life (yes! It does exist!) intervene and so could not make raid with the Effers. It seems that Nymphy’s new motto is “If Orv is away, then Nymphy can play.” And boy did she play, A LOT. This time she didn’t conspire alone either! No. Horribly her *gasp!* keyboard was involved! While Nymphy’s keyboard has always helped her with her misbehavior, this time it just went overboard. During the Captain Planet fight in Bastion of Twilight, she had a few instances of not being able to get the proper debuff and instead went to ice block. Well Keyboard decided that it was just not going to register that stroke and so, yep, you guessed it, Nymphy tumbled into the floor’s arms instead. It seemed during the week where Nymphy was especially faithful, Keyboard and Mouse decided that her and the floor should get back together, completely ignoring how much Nymphy loved Orv. Even during the Alternative Lifestyle Dragon fight she succumbed. Those Twilight Meteorites were just too much for her. Again and again she tumbled to the floor. The common theme seemed to be that if Orv wasn’t there to keep a watchful eye and sometimes heal on her then it was ok to indulge with the floor.

Orv was inconsolable! After a Farm Night where bosses fell like wilting lilies, even one shotting Chimichanga with everyone but Morehnai, the break tank, left alive, hearing about Nymphy’s indiscretions while tanking the RL boss drove him to tears. (The first Chimi attempt where Orv taunted to take the double attack and promptly lost aggro before it could land didn’t count.) After a violent and stormy argument Orv and Nymphy agreed there was only one get rid of her co-conspirators by getting Nymphy a  new keyboard and mouse! Only time will tell if replacing Nymphy’s keyboard will be enough, or if Orv will have to start bribing healers to give her extra love.

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