Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bosses of Firelands As Depicted Through Seven Words

Nymphy is the arcane mage GM of Eff the Ineffable. She heard from a guildie that the esteemed Big Bear Butt was hosting a writing challenge. You could write whatever you wanted as long as you included 7 certain words. These words made it a challenge not to go completely perverted and she thinks she mostly succeeded

Required Words: Juicy, Slender, Vain, Shaft, Torch, Star, and Hidden

(As an aside, it was REALLY hard not to go completely perverted with these >.>)

My thought processes on this was that there were 7 mandatory words to be used. There were also 7 bosses in the tier 12 raid Firelands. I then creatively applied one word to each of the bosses.

Introducing the bosses of Firelands:

Oh Shannox, I hate thee, and how you stay hidden,

And when you come out, to play with me, with your dogs I am so smitten

Beth'tilac, you must lose some weight my dear,

Stop eating those spiderlings, maybe once you're slender I'll leer.

Lord Rhyolith, thou of stout stature, you fill me with disdain

Your lofty title, you aren't worthy of, tells me that you must be vain,

Baleroc, what we of Eff call Ballface, you were once so hard

Though your only shaft was actually a tormenting shard

Alysrazor, oh bird of flame, your feathers gave me wings

Once your torch blew out, your body gave me epic things

Majordomo Staghelm, your ego knows no bounds.

Rhee thought you were juicy*, but you were only covering Executus' ground.

And to end this tier on a familiar note, we come to Ragnaros and his fire.

Again the star of the show, alas, of him we tired.

*Rhee's healing druid Haeli had a thing for Majordomo Staghelm and was always /flirting /licking and /kissing him.


  1. As always, you Rock!


  2. Wow, this made my night. Glad to stumble upon bloggers I have yet to see. I look forward to perusing the rest of your stuff! Your success gives nooby bloggers like me hope!