Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Which D/E the Tank! Celebrates its First Blogoversary!

   First we would like to first thank our readers. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been nearly so much fun. It is hard to believe that we have been around a year. Well, to be technical we realize that we are a week late, however cast your eyes to the top. See that? Yes! It is our new header! Courtesy of the lovely Liala over at Disciplinary Action we have a nice new shiny! We thought it would be apropos to save our big first year post to also commemorate a new header as well!

   But Nymphy, you promised us babies! I do want to apologize for the severe lateness in two of our Epic Baby Posts. I also promise that we will put them together as soon as possible if not this weekend. Real life has eaten my time and Orv’s as well. We have not forgotten and you shall get your dose of squee here soon!

   This past year has been an amazing experience, both in doing the baby posts and others. The whole blogging, WoW, and Twitter community has been so supportive in helping us turn a maybe thing into a very fun and real thing! Looking back over the year that we have been writing this blog we are very humbled by the people who read and enjoy it. So to all of our readers, commenters, twitter followers, friends, romans, countrymen, thank you for joining us time and time again as we try to make you laugh, make you think, make you a better tank (whether of mobs or the floor), or make you squee at adorable babies. (We promise the rest of the baby posts are coming!) We will also try to up the posting rate. Twice a month, if that, is terrible and we are sorry! We do hope you will continue to follow our antics as we go into Mists bubble sheeping through WoW. And pets! And maybe more babies! ;) Definitely more floor tanking! And perhaps another boring tank guide from Orv.

(In case you're reading this in a feed reader, here is Liala's awesome logo!)


  1. Happy blog birthday! And I was just admiring that header :)

  2. Thanks! Liala did such a great job with the header, it was a great 1 year present to ourselves.