Sunday, February 19, 2012

Epic Baby Post: the Sapling Edition

Nymphy is an arcane mage from the US-server Azuremyst. She is a well liked toon by people across other servers and time zones. She was recently felled not by an ordinary raid boss, but instead by a little 5-baby instance group with the buffs of Squee and Cute on their side. 

   This time we visit just one of the not so little babies. Late as this post is: it is time to say Happy 1st Birthday to Caitlin aka the Sapling. :) Like all babies, she has grown so big in what seems like so little time and has developed her own little personality. Here is Sapling when we first saw her at 6 mos old:

   It doesn’t seem that long ago when I first started this series of post. At the time revisiting them for their first birthdays seemed a long way off, but I imagine the time flew even faster for her mom over at HoTs and DoTs. She remembers her when Caitlin was first born and looking just like this:

   Now here she is at one:

   Now that she is old enough to have her own idea of what she likes here is a list of a few of them*:

TV: Waybuloo, Thomas the Tank Engine (really only the theme song which she loves to dance to!) & In The Night Garden
 Books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo & Wonkey Donkey
Food: Blueberries definitely! Cherries & Sultanas are definitely up there too :)
1st Words: Mumma and Daddy. Followed by "cat" and "that" (which she says while pointing to whatever it is she wants)
Activities: The 3 S's - Swimming, Swinging & Sliding! She also has a dance routine which is very cute and uncoordinated!
Toys: Xylophone, any remote and mummy's iPhone

*Caitlin lives in the Land Down Under so don’t be confused about some of these things!

   Like one year olds everywhere, she loves fruit and phones. Really, toy phones really don’t fool them at all!

   Happy Birthday Caitlin and congrats Philippa. You have an adorable little girl and it has been a privilege and pleasure to be able to write about her. She has added a hefty dose of cute and adorable to our blog.


Push me higher Mommy! 
Om nom nom, this cake wasn't a lie!

Edited for MOAR CUTENESS! (That and well, more pictures are a good thing yes?)


  1. Awww can't believe out epic baby crew are nearly the epic toddler crew! I think they are definitely getting ready for a new expac after getting through their noob stage :)

  2. Very, Very cute!!!