Thursday, August 9, 2012

Damage Control

   There inevitably comes a time, as GM or any other leadership positions, when you encounter a situation where you have to take charge and make sure it is resolved. As GM, the actions of your guildies reflect on you, and the culture you’re trying to build. Last night one of my guildies was rude and abrasive to another blogger when whispered.

   When this situation was brought to my attention, I talked to the guildie in question, and she then apologized, on Twitter and I thought it was done and over. It looked like a misunderstanding that had been cleared up. When I woke up this morning, contrary to my impressions, the situation from last night was not resolved and had exploded. The great thing about the Twitter and subsequent blogger community is the solidarity. We are quick to band together when someone upsets one of our friends. Today I had an upset blogger who wrote of her experience with the member of my guild, and another who was outright livid and made no bones about it. The subsequent tweets and comments about both posts made my heart sink as I read them.

   So here I am with big girl panties on (more uncomfortable than pants let me tell you), doing damage control. I had a discussion with the guildie that very clearly conveyed my unhappiness. Eff the Ineffable is a guild that was built largely through the WoW community on twitter. I hope that everyone in the wonderful twitter/blogger community knows that if they ever have a problem with anyone in the guild they can come to Orv or myself and we will take the situation seriously. I believe that Eff the Ineffable is, and will remain a friendly guild where people know how to treat each other.

   As an aside, a thing that happened today is that Blizzard announced a security breach. So yeah, go change your password to something you will never remember the very next time you log on. :)