Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orvillius's Journal: Fall of the Lich King

   Aboard the Skyfire, as it flies to the south on a mission vital to kingdom of Stormwind’s future, Orv takes advantage of the down time to continue writing in his journal....

   I traveled through Alterac Valley, helping the Stormpike Guard, hoping to win further allies to travel to Northrend with me, but despite my best attempts those battles raged on. I journeyed through what had been Lordaeron, now called the Plaguelands. Along with a band of heroes I came across Tirion Fordring, living as a hermit. In return for his aid we tried to win his son free from the influence of the Scarlet Crusade. To my great shame I could not save the young man... to this day I suspect Tirion has not forgiven me.

    As Tirion gathered what Knights of the Silver Hand he could find... eventually joining them together with the Argent Dawn to form the Argent Crusade, I journeyed to Outland, hoping to convince Danath Trollbane to return. One of the Alliance’s greatest heroes I was certain he and the heroes who had held Honor Hold for so long would turn the tide in Northrend, but Trollbane remained at his post, in spite of my most earnest attempts to bring the man home. So, with fewer allies than I would have hoped, I boarded a boat from Menethil Harbor and crossed the Great Sea. I helped Tirion secure the landing the Crusade had carved at Valgarde, then circled around the island to Valiance Keep. I fought my way across the Tundra and through the Dragonblight. At Wintergarde Keep I looked in vain for Tirion before heading north to Fordragon Hold. In what should have been the Alliance’s greatest moment, Tirion’s absence allowed the Forsaken to ambush Bolvar, sacrificing their allies in the Horde to unleash their plague upon the Alliance and the Lich King.... That day is too painful for me to linger on.

    I learned later that Fordring’s forces had diverted up through Zul’Drak, leaving only a token force at Light’s Trust, instead of pushing on to join with the Alliance forces. Despite my anger at what I felt was a betrayal... Tirion’s search to reclaim his own lost glory, marching through Crystalsong Forest, and into Icecrown, instead of joining the fight in Dragonblight, I fought at the Argent Vanguard, manning the cannons as swarms of undead rushed the fortress. I helped claim Crusader’s Pinnacle. I fought with the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade all across Icecrown. Scouring the Storm Peaks for resources I met up with a familiar face, long thought forgotten. I was there when Muradin Bronzebeard’s memory returned, and the bravest dwarf of our age joined the fight against Arthas.

   Finally I, along with the other victors at Tirion’s self-aggrandizing tournament, followed Jaina into Icecrown Citadel. I saw Uther’s spirit, and heard it warn Jaina what she should have already known... that the Arthas she remembered was long gone, only the Lich King remained. I do not need to recount what happened next... we fought through Arthas’s citadel, and there Tirion, too many other heroes to name them all, and myself struck the Lich King down. As we stood over Arthas’s body I prayed to the Light that my travels would end soon, that I could reclaim my family’s home outside of Andorhal, and live a normal life...

   Sky Admiral Rogers’ voice booms from up on deck....the Horde fleet has been sighted. Orv closes the journal, checks his weapons and heads out to do battle.

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