Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cutest Little Babies in the World (of Warcraft) - Part II

Nymphy is an arcane mage from the US-server Azuremyst. She is a well liked toon by other people across other servers and time zones. She was recently felled not by an ordinary raid boss, but instead was slain by a little 5-baby instance group with the buffs of Squee and Cute on their side.

   #Dwarfling, #Sproutling, #Sapling, #Knightling, and finally #Tankling. Those of you that follow us on Twitter are familiar with these hashtags denoting quite possibly the cutest babies born this year to the bloggers and players of WoW. A couple of them with their own blogs have caused us to squee and exclaim over posted pictures and new adventures. It wasn’t until recently that we all came to the conclusion that, well, they make up the perfect 5-man group. That idea took root here and I became determined that this should be blogged about. After all, it is only fitting to talk about babies born to bloggers in a blog post! So it is my very special pleasure as a fellow blogger, WoW player, and mom to bring back this special 5-man group.

   We first introduced the Epic Babies back in June when Tankling was just born. Now the babies have had a few months together to grind out some gear and they are ready for heroics! By learning how to crawl and scoot, they are newly mobile and ready for new adventures. Come with me and peek at the dungeons they have stomped...err crawled through. 

The Tank(ess)-

   At age 3 mos, Elli has been busy wrapping the people who love her around her little finger. In this peek, you see her using her finishing move of Big Blue Eyes along with the newly trained Giggle and Coo to reduce the Daddy Boss to a pile of mush. The strat to this boss is fairly straight forward as Tankling’s birth was an automatic crit, reducing Daddy to 50% health. Combined with the debuff of Finger Wrap, the Daddy Boss falls quickly to Tankling’s auto attack, “Cuteness.” Watching this video even the most hardened heart can’t help but go “Aww!”

The Healer-

   Now 7 mos old, Teagan has been hard at work on her professions to help her through dungeons. A budding engineer, she has made a trinket that stacks with her Tier Bonus to help proc Adorable to and bring her Cuteness over 9,000! No longer needing to rely solely on Inconsolable Cry, Dwarfling has picked up the instant casts “Happy Smile” and “What’s Daddy Doing With That Camera?” to use while rolling over bosses.

The DPS-

   Also 7 months old, Taylor, also known as the Knightling, has been working on her Squee-ling Blast, an interrupt that freezes the boss in place unable to do anything but stand there and, well, squee. In this video you can see how Knightling has isolated a murloc from his pack and mocks him with Raspberry Taunt after locking him down. Along with her gryphon, ( MUCH more appropriate than a Ghoul, obviously) Taylor is ready to face down the tiniest of foes on the internet.

   At 8 and a half months, Caitlin - better known as Sapling, has been working on her trash clearing etiquette. Knowing that Arcane Mages can see their dps drop in movement heavy fights, Sapling has been practicing crawling around and tab targeting between multiple mobs. You can see that Sapling is sporting matching gear in her video, which can only mean the adorable mage has been to visit Baby Ragnaros and Friends.

   Matthew, the 6 mos old Sproutling, is turning out the be the leader of the group with his confident sounding tone as he leads the fight with the Scary Stuffed Dragon Boss. (Either that or he is one of those rare spell casters who actually SPEAKS the words to the spell?) You can see that Sprout has picked up some blues to help the Epic Baby Crew plunge ahead in their dungeon adventures.

   Once again, it has been my very special pleasure to write this squee inducing post on the Epic Baby Crew. These last few months I have seen pictures posted and have fallen in love with Orv, Fannon, Ceraphus, Lathere, and Angelya’s adorable offspring. Doing the video post was exciting and it stretched my creativity to try to put in mere words the cuteness of these babies. Thanks again to the parents whose arms I have twisted to get the videos from. The Internet has taken even more squee damage. And to you, the readers who have pestered me and asked over and over when this was going to be posted, thanks for the patience and thanks for being fans of this blog. We will revisit them each later as they turn the big One so all you can have an update. :) Check out the Epic Baby Crew and their parent’s blog on our blogroll in their own special section to tide you over til then. (That...and well they do write other interesting stuff than just on the babies!)


  1. OMG, the squee, I can't contain it, I think I may explode! *explodes*

  2. this is just too cute. I cant wait until they turn one so i can see more on them.

  3. Awww they are all so adorable!!!! Can't believe how big they are all getting its going so fast - they will be 1 before we know it :)

  4. Very cute group of wee ones! Ahh, I remember the days (how time flies) when mine were practicing their first "Bah" enchant and their all powerful "spray food" AOE skills..

    Truly Epic!