Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Search Terms Have Made Us Into the Steamiest Blog on the Net

  Nymphy is an arcane mage for Eff the Ineffable. Recently she discovered that people mistake this blog for information on quite a few different things...Oh my...

  Orv is a protection paladin for Eff the Ineffable. When he isn’t busy trying to find a boss that will drop an epic tank helm (seriously...7 months of raiding...1 tank helm dropped. ONCE.) he’s wondering how some of you found your way over here.

  D/E the Tank is a WoW-centric blog that provides a humorous slant on Orv’s and Nymphy’s adventures in the World of Warcraft. At least that is what WE thought it was. Turns out it is a site for quite a DIFFERENT thing. We have turned out to be the steamiest blog on the net. What with all the floor loving and maybe relationships with certain NPC’s. With that in mind...maybe it doesn’t surprise us as much to see some of the emerging terms that people use to find us and this blog.

  We do get some search terms dealing with prot pallying and trees and all sorts of silly nonsense thanks to Orv’s supr srs posts when Nymphy was away for a week. We KNEW that was going to happen but we chalked it up to the fact that Nymphy *markets* her best post. Yes, you readers know which one we are talking about. Yup, #EpicBabyPost. Orv just leaves his readers to try and search for his tank related seriousness.

  The top search term other than the reasonable D/E the Tank is “and take advantage of”.  Er...Of what? Or who? We know that Nymphy takes advantage of the floor. Just walks ALL over it. It is how she rolls, how she does. Orv takes shameless advantage of Nymphy’s infrequent absences to try to post supr srs posts but that is all we can think of.

The floor... it's so... hard.

  “Leg Jewelry.” ?! What is this, we don’t even.... Or maybe it is a new piece of gear that we didn’t know about! That is it! And epic anklet! What? They have epic rings you know.

What? It is epic right? It's purple!

  The next couple takes us back to our very first post on playing World of Warcraft as a couple. It is the only supr srs post that Nymphy will take credit for and is something both her and Orv have had to deal with. People have found us quite often with “playing wow as a couple” and it makes us feel warm fuzzies inside to be helpful. But to search for us using “couples doing it in stands”??  (Orv says: We’ve never done it in the stands, maybe they meant in the sands? We’ve done it in the sands a lot. In Uldum... Tanaris... Sithilus... Blasted Lands...Thousand Needles.... What’s that? ...You mean they’re not talking about questing? Then what.... Ohhhh! You perverts!)

  “Don’t know random dungeons to tank” Uh....neither do we! That is why they call them random! And there is even a nifty Looking For Dungeon tool to help you! What do you mean you didn’t know that the creepy green eye was for that? you do. Enjoy!

  “” (NOT an actual not clicky link you nasty person, you) On the other hand...Yes indeed we DO do the tank! Or rather Nymphy does. ;) But that sort of information is personal and you’ll not find the likes of THOSE adventures on here....go find your wank fodder elsewhere! We are sure they make lovely fanfic involving your choice of Onyxia and Nefarion.

  Nymphy and Orv are glad to be back. They missed all of their marvelous readers this past month and look forward to many more laughs, groans, and maybe even the occasional super serious tank post!

Next Up:  Epic Baby Adventures!




  2. Haha, this made me laugh.

    With the new blogger interface update I have been able to see search items. Though I must say they're not as 'steamy' as these XD

    - Jamin