Monday, May 9, 2011

A Screenshot Is Worth A Thousand Words: Day Two ~ A picture of the person you've been closest to the longest.

Rather than do a formal post about who we are and why we think that you should read yet another WoW-oriented blog, Orv and I have decided to take a month and introduce ourselves in a different way. Directly stolen from Faceyspace, we have decided to take a month to educate our readers about who we are through screenshots. This is part two of a thirty day series.

Orv and I have met and loved a lot of people throughout the course of our 85 levels. Some of them have stayed with us, and the others have gone their separate ways. So to pick the one person in both of our lives that we have been closest to the longest is, well, hard. But, we think that you will enjoy our choices.

It seem that once again, I, have to go first. I think that my choice will not surprise many of you, but here you are anyway.

(Click to Embiggen)

That is right :) The person that I have been closest to the longest is the beauteous Spirit Healer. It seems she is always there when I need her. We have had a long and satisfying relationship starting when I was just a wee little mage at level one. She has grown quite fond of me as I visit her often. Other heroes apparently do not come to visit her, instead preferring to visit the other healers at various battlegrounds. Not I, I assure her, never would I dare do such a thing as to visit those healers. She is the only one for me! One of the things that I appreciate about her, other than her partially-clad beauty, is her dependability. No matter where I may fall, she is always there to greet me, er, my ghost with a gentle embrace. Her wings are marvelously soft to the touch and oh so very comforting. I would urge all of you to make more than a passing acquaintance with the Spirit Healer, if only to do my part in ensuring that I am not the only one on the floor, ahem, ensuring that the Spirit Healer gets more visitors. After all, Spirit Healers get lonely, too.

Orv has been around since the days of Vanilla. Tragically he hit the mid-30’s and found himself stuck in a rut in the Arathi Highlands.

(Tiny screenshot is tiny. Click to make it bigger)

For some reason Orv always felt particularly close to Captain Nials... perhaps because it took him over three years to complete the quests she had given him. Perhaps because he felt for the people of Stromgarde, trapped in Refugee Basin and a small pocket of their once great capital city. Whatever the reason, Orv spent years logged out in Captain Nials’ company. Orv is unwilling to say exactly how close he grew to Captain Nials, or how many nights he spent in her company. Perhaps he worries that Nymphy would leave him as a sheep (or penguin, or rabbit) if the whole story came out.

Next Up: Day Three ~ A picture of the cast of your favorite TV show

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