Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Challenge In Which You Find Out More About Us!

It occurred to us that you, the readers,might be wondering exactly who we are. In the course of a month we shall endeavor to educate you through screenshots and explanations of said screenshots. All of you on Faceyspace will recognize it as the 30 Day Photo Challenge. Rather than hop on board the 20 Days of WoW Challenge bandwagon, we decided to take the 30 day challenge and WoW-ify it.

Day One ~ A picture of you and 15 facts.
(Think of it as our standard intros, only longer :) )

After much deliberation, name calling, and coin flipping, it was decided that Nymphy would go first.  Enjoy.

*Nymphy was originally Nymphmage before some douche in Trade Chat decided that her name was “inappropriate* and so she got a notification from Blizzard that she had to change her name. WTF? How is Nymphy more acceptable? The name change at Level 63 was quite disorienting and she has just gotten used to it.
*She has also been called a pedophile by same Trade Chat because of her suggestive port macro. To counter this accusation she then referred to the actual software box that said that the game is rated for people older than children.
*She is a self-declared pet-a-holic. Yes she is addicted to pets of all kinds and has made it her pre-raid priority to find the perfect one to raid, er, die with every weekend.
*That being said, everyone already knows that she has a torrid love affair with the floor.
*Nymphy has existed for 96 Days, 4 Hours, 19 Minutes, and 30 seconds of WoW time. In real time, she was created roughly two weeks before the launch of Burning Crusade.
*She does have fellow alts, they are just poorly neglected and not nearly as well treated as she is. She has also seen a couple priests, a shaman, and a DK inexplicably disappear.
*She is an achievement whore and currently lusts for more than her 5860 achievement points.
*Her fondest desire is to own an elusive Sparkle Pony. (For all of those that refer to it as a Celestial Mount, well Sparkle Pony sounds better.)
*She is a progression raider with Eff the Ineffable on the United States server Azuremyst. (Also may be known as Failuremyst depending on who you ask in aforementioned Trade Chat)
*She has been in some of the top guilds in the server for all her fail magery, although usually because she was attached to some other more desirable person.
*If Nymphy were to wear all her titles at the same time she would be known as:  Assistant Professor, Brewmaster, Elder, Flame Warden, Matron, Merrymaker, Twilight Vanquisher ~Nymphy~ Jenkins of Stormwind and the Nightfall, the Hallowed, Noble, Patient, Love Fool(ish) Kingslayer, Champion of the Frozen Wastes.
*Her first pet was the Orange Tabby Cat from the crazy cat lady in the middle of Elwynn Forest.
*Her first raid she experienced was Karazhan and she got as far as the “Flame Wreath, don’t move!” Before she realized that raiding, might be difficult!
*She has *always* struggled with her hit cap in one way or another.
*She has gotten revenge on Fel Reaver in the Outlands approximately 5,692,345 times just because she could.

Now it is time to learn about Orv, this is *not* necessarily a case of saving the best for last.

*Orv has been around since Vanilla, but remained trapped in the mid-30’s because of the lack of a ranged pull for pallies. (Back in my day we used to pull mobs up hill... both ways... in the snow!)
*Orv has managed to just miss Brewfest two years in a row now!
*Orv finally reached level 80 the week patch 3.3 and the random dungeon finder came out and has always enjoyed the short queue times of a tank.
*Orv’s first raid boss that he tanked was Razorscale. At the time he was neither hit-capped nor defense capped, but still managed to live through the fight.
*While Orv hated being on a PvP server while levelling he now finds that he misses it. Especially when some horde bastard steals one of his mining nodes out from under him.
*Orv’s professions have been levelling and mining since vanilla. When Orv first logged in during Wrath, after a two year hiatus, he was in the middle of farming up mats for the green iron armor.
*Orv used to dps with a 1 hander and a shield. He refused to give up the extra armor from the shield so he learned to tank around level 45 and never looked back.
*Except for his PvP ret spec... and his holy spec... and now his raiding ret spec for fights that only need one tank. But those were really more looking sideways than back.
*Orv was a raid leader (for one guild or another) through every raid in Wrath EXCEPT Ulduar (which he still hasn’t seen half of).
*Orv has many alts across different servers, but none of them have ever reached even level 70.
*Orv was totally against this 30 day challenge until Nymphy told him to just think of it as a daily quest.
*Orv disguised himself as Nymphy to get the School of Hard Knocks achievement and finish out her Long Strange Trip... and is now intensely jealous of her mount.
*Orv left Coilfang and traveled to Azuremyst to hang out with Nymphy and the Effers.
*Upon his arrival he was shocked to discover that Azuremyst had a functioning AH economy and has actually been able to make some gold by crafting epics and selling them.
*Orv will keep on tanking until he has the opportunity to be punched in the face by Deathwing, because nobody torches Orv’s city and gets away with it!

Next Up: Day Two ~  A picture of you with someone you’ve been closest to the longest.

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  1. ok funny i like that fact that you were looking for the green armor and then you found nymphy. just too funny. GREEN LOL!