Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nymphy's Love Affair With the Floor...

     Nymphy is a squishy arcane mage with Eff the Ineffable. And she regretfully cannot keep it in her proverbial, uh, robes. Nothing seems to stop her shameless affair with the floor of the bosses she encounters. She fears that her relationship with the extremely understanding Orv is in trouble if her affairs continue.

     Nymphy had a problem. She had experienced this problem since back in the day when she was just a baby mage. Mages are predisposed to loving the floor just like all other cloth wearers. With Nymphy, the predisposition took a turn towards obsession. It became a running joke with close friends, provoking laughter every time her hit points dropped to zero and she dropped to the floor to await the healer’s rez. With her frequent dying, Nymphy noticed the Spirit Healer was incredibly attractive. Nymphy’s addiction reached the point  where she would die just to visit the Healer. She would become so distracted by that lovely lady that she would find herself lost on the way back to her body. Healers started telling Nymphy to please, just stay on the floor and wait for a rez.  Many deaths down the road, after much quality time with the floor waiting for the healer to resurrect her, Nymphy began to notice that the *floor* was extremely comforting and attractive itself! She hadn’t noticed before then, being too busy rushing to her rendezvous with the Spirit Healer, how very lovely the floor was.

     Time passed and Nymphy leveled through the alien landscape of the Outlands, and the icy reaches of Northrend, only to find the floor more and more attractive. After years spent consistently dying, just to make love to the floors, she met a handsome protection paladin named Orvillius. He had transferred over to her server and became Eff the Ineffable’s new tank. She joined the guild after him, and soon developed a lasting relationship with him. The two fell in love and everything was wonderful! They set out together with the Effers to conquer the dangers of the Bastion of Twilight and Blackwing Descent.  Nymphy, although nervous about her lingering attraction to the floors, stayed alive for the boss fights. She hardly gave the floors of Omnitron, Magmaw, and Halfus a second glance. She had eyes only for the glorious face punch-receiving Orv, but then... disaster struck!

     The raid traipsed down the hall toward Valiona and Theralion (affectionately known as V&T, the incestuous duo) smoothly handling the trash, with Nymphy sparing nary a glance at the floor. She began to grow confident in her love with Orv. Nothing could come in between them, they belonged together forever! Until they stood in the doorway to V&T’s room and her heart sank. That floor looked incredibly sexy! Nymphy stole a glance at Orv and wondered if he sensed her renewed attraction to the floor. They began the encounter with the dual dragons and Nymphy realized that her standards had not changed, but that the previous floors were just not appealing. This floor had her lusting to hurl herself on it. She nervously took her place for the encounter, darting glances at the floor at every opportunity. Nymphy lasted barely half of phase one before being devoured by Valiona’s flames, their purple splendor driving her to the floor’s welcoming embrace. Attempt after attempt followed that first night and she kept succumbing to the floor’s temptation. With each death  Nymphy swore to herself that it was the last time, but each time she ended up loving the floor.  She was relieved when the raid leader called the end of the night. She gratefully took the portal to Stormwind, feeling torn and guilty over her weakness.

     The following week passed quickly and once again Nymphy found herself in V&T’s doorway, her heart pounding with nervousness. That night, too, ended with disappointment. She could not stay away! Feeling sick with herself, Nymphy took the following week off and was pleased to hear that the Effers downed the dragons. Buoyed by their success, she was ready to give the dragon twins another go! Breezing past the first bosses, she was confident that she could withstand temptation. Once again, Nymphy was weak when faced with V&T’s floor. A few more attempts end with called wipes, and her indiscretion was disguised as a mandatory death. Orv was clueless about her motives up to the attempt that ended with the twin dragons’ death when Nymphy was one of only a few on the floor. At that point she grew sick with dread that he might start to suspect something. Lucky for her, Orv was excited by a still fresh kill and she was able to pass off her infidelity. 

     Nymphy steeled herself against Atramedes’s floor as the raiders marched toward the disabled dragon’s chambers. At first glance, this internet dragon’s floor was unappealing and Nymphy allowed herself to relax against the temptation. The strategy was fairly straight forward, all the Effers had to do was avoid fire, and avoid the spinning sound discs. The encounter started and the wiping commenced. The Effers were noisy at first, and Nymphy especially had troubles hiding her enthusiasm for spending time on the floor. Again, Orv seemed not to notice her growing fondness with this floor. Guilty and torn, but yet not able to help herself, Nymphy continued making sweet love to Atramedes’s floor, their affair lasting two more weeks. At this point in the progression through Blackwing Descent, Orv had indeed noticed her fondness to the floor and pleaded with her to end it. He loved her! How could she?! Nymphy told him that she could not help it, the temptation was too much! She begged and pleaded and Orv forgave her.....this time.  Relieved, happy, and holding hands, Nymphy and Orv vowed to love each other and not let these incidents come between them. As a gesture of forgiveness, Orv gave Nymphy a [White Kitten].   But their love was tested again when the Effers encountered Maloriak and Chimaeron.

Up Next:  ….And The Drama It Causes: Orv reacts to Nymphy’s Continued Indiscretions With the Floor)

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